Human Rights organization says it found two new Chinese police stations in Canada

A Spain-based non-governmental organization claims to have found 48 additional Chinese police stations across the globe, which brings the total number of known stations to 102.

Human Rights organization says it found two new Chinese police stations in Canada
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A new report published by the Spain-based non-governmental organization Safeguard Defenders, titled Patrol and Persuade - A follow up on 110 Overseas investigation, found that the Chinese Communist Party hosts at least 48 newly discovered police stations overseas, two of which are in Canada. 

This brings the total number of known Chinese police stations in Canada to 5.

“The vast majority of the newly documented stations have been set up starting in 2016 by two newly discovered local Chinese jurisdictions: Nantong and Wenzhou,” the report reads. 

Safeguard Defenders found that a Chinese police station in Paris, France, has been conducting an illegal “persuasion to return” program. “This is in addition to already exposed operations in Spain and Serbia,” the report adds. According to the organization, this discovery contradicts the claim made by the Chinese government that the stations were only serving administrative purposes. 

The research conducted by Safeguard Defenders also sought to find whether a central government or entity was controlling the stations. 

“While [the stations] are not directly run by central authorities, some statements and policies are starting to show a clearer guidance from the central government in encouraging their establishment and policies,” they state. 

As it stands, according to the organization, Canada is host to five Chinese police stations. Three are located in Toronto, while a newly discovered one is based in Vancouver. 

A third one has been discovered, but the organization is unable to provide a location. 

The station located in Vancouver is under the jurisdiction of Wenzhou police, while the ones located in Toronto are under the Fuzhou police jurisdiction. 

The People’s Republic of China also made the claim that the police stations were set-up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, the findings suggest the stations were, as previously mentioned, set up as early as 2016. “This directly refutes PRC authorities’ statements that the operations started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the study argues. 

As it stands, the total number of known Chinese-operated police stations across the globe currently stands at 102.

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