Hundreds take to Edmonton Legislature in solidarity with Dutch farmers

'If you eat, you're involved,' demonstrators told Rebel News at the Acheson, Alberta, truck stop used as the muster point for the northern portion of the protest convoy to Edmonton.

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Trucks, cars, big rigs, RVs and farm equipment rolled into the capital city from the south and the west as part of international demonstrations to show support for Dutch farmers resisting crushing nitrogen targets.

The targets, announced by Dutch PM Mark Rutte and pushed by the government since 2019, recently reignited large-scale protests across the Netherlands. Farmers say the climate change-motivated nitrogen targets could force farmers off their land, limit fertilizer use causing reduced yields and may even see farmers forced to cull 30-40% of their livestock. Consumers fear empty shelves and sky-high prices.

Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, unphased by the Dutch farmers' protests and riots over crop failures due to government-imposed fertilizer restrictions in Sri Lanka, announced a similar plan for nitrogen reduction in the Canadian agriculture sector already hammered by carbon taxes and supply chain issues.

Rebel News reporters Selene Galas and Mocha Bezirgan followed the convoy up from Calgary to Edmonton. In contrast, I followed the convoy from the staging area west of the city to bring viewers the story the mainstream media, like Dutch media before them, refuse to cover.

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