“Idiots,” ”jerks”: Health Freedom protesters react to insults from Vancouver mayor

Protesters responded to the insults levied at them by Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart.

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This past Wednesday, a few hundred vaccinated and unvaccinated protesters alike gathered for the second “Health Freedom” protest in Vancouver this month. The first of it’s kind was the largest pro-freedom protest to hit the streets of Vancouver, many attendees even claimed to have taken the day off to join others opposed to vaccine mandates and the various governments increasing assaults on Canadians' freedom of medical conscience and bodily autonomy.

Even mainstream media couldn’t downplay the size of the protest. But their emphasis on its starting location — outside of Vancouver General Hospital — without clearly explaining to the public that protesters were not on the hospital's property, and marched from there to Vancouver City Hall for speeches played a role in the backlash the protest received.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart added fuel to the disinformation fire by calling the protesters, including those who were frontline health-care workers, “idiots” and “jerks.”

How quickly some health-care workers have fallen from heroes to villains according to certain politicians.

In this full report, I ask the protesters why it was important for them to come out to the rally and to get their opinions on the mayor's choice words for.

British Columbia was one of the first provinces mandate certain health-care workers be vaccinated and to implement a discriminatory vaccine passport. That’s why B.C. is one of the first provinces Rebel News will be challenging legally in court to try and stop Canada from becoming a “show your papers” society.

If you’d like to help us take on this fight, please donate what you can to help us cover the legal costs through our new civil liberties portal, FightVaccinePassports.com. Your donation is even eligible for a tax receipt through our partners at the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund.

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