BREAKING VIDEO: Ilhan Omar repeatedly refuses to answer questions about her brother-husband

The Democratic Congresswoman refused to answer what should be a simple question, did she marry her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi?

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Today, Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar failed to answer one simple question: did she marry her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi?

It’s embarrassing.

Reports are flying around — even in the mainstream media (!) — that Ilhan Omar married her brother, perhaps in an attempt to skirt immigration law.

But the scandal gets worse than that. Documents that I personally pulled from the Minneapolis Courthouse indicate that while Omar was allegedly married to her brother, she was also living with another husband in Minneapolis.

According to PJ Media, which compiled evidence years before the mainstream media bothered to cover this story, Ilhan Omar filed questionable tax returns and may have lied in sworn court documents saying she hadn’t seen or heard from her ex-husband since 2011, when, in fact, she’d been in contact with him after that date. In one Instagram comment, for example, she actually referred to her ex-husband, Ahmed Elmi, as being her children’s uncle!

Thanks to your support of, I'm able to track down these stories on short notice. Only a few days ago I was in Washington to film Rep. Omar agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that America is running concentration camps. The video on Twitter has received around a million views and was even retweeted by Don Jr.! Thank you for your support.

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