“I’m not afraid of anything”: Theo Fleury on lockdowns, mental health & change Canada needs

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Theoren “Theo” Fleury is a Canadian Olympic gold medalist, Stanley Cup champion, World Junior champion, musician and bestselling author. Most people might hang it up there and call it a career, but not Theo.

At 5’6”, Theo always punched above his weight.

His tenacity on the ice was never outmatched. He was a thorn in the side of anyone who faced him. This warrior’s mentality was no doubt born of the many challenges he faced throughout his youth, including trauma and addictions. He had to fight to survive.

Theo officially retired from professional hockey in 2009, but his fight certainly did not end there.

He has become a leader in mental health advocacy and addiction rehabilitation. Having faced down his demons and confronted the traumas of his past, Theo dedicated himself to journeying with others living through their own traumas. Theo has stated that he would give up his Stanley Cup ring and Olympic gold medal just to change one person’s life, and I don’t doubt for a second that he means it.

Theo’s relentless and unforgiving play style on the ice has carried over to his outspoken opposition to problematic government overreach. He has been an important voice of criticism against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and a strong opponent of the harmful reemergence of totalitarian trends in recent years.

Theo joined me to discuss the mental health impacts of government lockdowns, the breakdown of critical thought in our society and the need for serious change in Canada.

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