Inconsistent COVID rules lead wing joint to say: We Won't Ask

The owner of Wild Wing in Belleville, Ontario is fed up with inconsistent rules around COVID enforcement, and now says she's not interested in checking her customers vaccine status.

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Jackie Banas, the owner of Wild Wing in Belleville, Ontario has come into the Rebel News campaign at We Won’t Ask.

As a small business owner, Jackie says that while she complied with the regulations at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, as the rules changed and stopped making sense, she stopped forcing things onto her patrons and staff.

Jackie joins me to discuss her reasoning for not enforcing government “mandated” vaccine passports and how nice it is for her business to be running as usual.

Questioning whether the government has done an adequate risk analysis to make such blanket recommendations for every Ontarian, Jackie feels as though she has no right to ask people to disclose their vaccine status.

As a result, she has decided not to participate in the enforcement of vaccine passports — and her business has been booming!

Jackie wishes the general public would consume alternative media and viewpoints to make more informed choices. She’d like to see the vaccine passport mandate dropped completely, and hopes that if more businesses stand up together, the government will have no choice but to backpedal.

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