POWERFUL: Independent grocer pleads with politicians to “be honest with the people”

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Harassed for — obeying the law?!

As they used to say on Monty Python: “And now for something completely different...

J & W Foods has been an east end Toronto fixture for decades. It is a food distributor and wholesale/retail butcher shop that takes pride in providing natural premium grade meats. And as the business grew and evolved over the years, J & W soon became known as a one-stop-shop for health and nutrition products, too.

The shop has gained a solid reputation for providing high quality chicken that is air chilled, grain fed, and raised locally in Ontario without the use of hormones and antibiotics, as well as beef, pork, fish and seafood (a mix of wild and farm raised). There’s also high-quality frozen fruits and vegetables, healthy dressings and sauces, supplements, vitamins and sports nutrition products. The list goes on. In short, J & W makes for a foodie’s paradise, and it sports a loyal customer base.

Better yet, J & W Foods remains open during these dark days of the Wuhan virus. And get this: J & W co-founder, Bill Fehr, actually respects those patrons who are unable to wear a mask. Thus, if you cannot wear a face-diaper, you are more than welcome to shop at J & W without any sort of hassle or condemnation. COVID-Karens are not tolerated here.

All is good, right? Wrong. Apparently, going maskless is a problem for certain City of Toronto bylaw enforcement officers. Bill says he’s had visits from bylaw officers who clearly don’t like the idea of people going maskless — even though the bylaw clearly states that the shop must respect those shoppers who have medical exemptions!

It's nuts! For actually obeying the stipulations, Bill is getting hassled?

We caught up with Bill at his delightful shop recently, which was full of supporters. Bill passionately weighed in not only on his own plight, but also on how the economic lockdown has caused more harm than good. And he noted that an addition to his shop is on the way: Bill plans to open a gym in the unit next door.

Hey, after dining out on Bill’s marvellous edibles, a visit to the gym might be a good idea. Maybe even Premier Doug Ford could lead by example by putting down that spoonful of cherry cheesecake and pumping iron instead… assuming Toronto bylaw will allow it…

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  • By David Menzies


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