Innovative healthcare initiative born from oppressive government health policies launches in Canada

The Wellness Company has launched in Canada with a focus on providing patients with empowering health advice and supplement offerings to help Canadians break free from the Big Pharma-captured publicly funded system.

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This innovative healthcare-centred company will offer empowering, informed consent care and supplements to Canadians, as more become disgruntled with the publicly funded system in disarray.

The Wellness Company (TWC) was founded and chaired by entrepreneur Foster Coulson, who says his vision was born from oppressive government health policies and a lack of appreciation for natural approaches to cure illnesses. TWC offers a way to break free from Big Pharma through informed choice and tailored membership programs.

Recently, chief scientific advisor Dr. Paul Elias Alexander joined Rebel News to discuss TWC initiatives and expand on their offerings.

Giving refuge to physicians that took a moral and ethical stance throughout the disastrous public health response of the last three years is another way that TWC is showcasing its commitment to informed consent.

With the pivot to online leaving many Canadians concerned about how their data is being used and protected, TWC uses a third-party EHR (electronic health record) system called CHARM, which uses encrypted communication software and security processes.

Is this the future of healthcare, born from medical apartheid and a pharma-captured system?

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  • By The Wellness Company

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