Exposing Biden's border crisis from Texas and Mexico

Alexandra Lavoie and her colleague Lincoln Jay continue their coverage from the southern border in Texas, shedding light on the multifaceted challenges facing people in this region. In this report, they ventured to the Mexican side to observe the situation firsthand.

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Governor Greg Abbott's pressure on the Mexican government to stem the tide of illegal migration into the U.S. has drawn international attention. A recent post on X also caught many people's attention, showing the Mexican military trying to turn back migrants travelling by buses in Mexico to the Texas border.

Despite the reinforced border installations, including shipping containers with razor wire, the situation remains complex as the border is very long.

While Shelby Park appears secure, concerns persist, especially in areas like Quemado, where illegal crossings reportedly continue.

On the Mexican side, properties are heavily fenced, reflecting heightened security measures. Military personnel attempt to intercept buses carrying migrants, redirecting them southward. The duration of this operation remains uncertain, adding to the border's unpredictability.

Interviews with residents reveal deep-seated concerns about the Biden administration's immigration policies. Many attribute the surge in illegal crossings to political motives, aimed at bolstering Democratic voter numbers.

"As far as safety, the people here in Texas will tell you that it's very unsafe now with a large influx of people," says one resident. "There's millions that weren't here before, and that's a huge safety issue."

Others express worries about the strain on resources, the impact on public safety, and the potential infiltration of criminals and terrorists.

The sentiment is clear: while immigration is welcomed when conducted through proper channels, the current influx poses significant challenges and risks. As the crisis escalates, residents call for decisive action to safeguard their communities and uphold national security.

Stay tuned as Rebel News continues to uncover the truth behind this pressing issue and don’t forget to visit TexasBorderReports.com.

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