Interview: Connor Tomlinson, Drag Queen Story Hour Expert

As part of a bigger documentary on the sexualisation of children, Rebel News UK interviewed Lotus Eaters presenter Connor Tomlinson who 'does the muckraking so others don’t have to'.

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Rebel News UK Reporter Callum Smiles met with Lotus Eaters presenter Connor Tomlinson in Central London. Connor has become an expert on Drag Queen Story Hour and the falsified science surrounding gender transition.

Drag Queens have traditionally been adult performers, but in recent years, there has been a new market for provocatively performing for children, with performances even taking place at the Tate Modern and even daytime shows at pubs.

Transgenderism appears to be a growing trend in the so-called developed world. Curriculums in World Health Organisation countries have become overly sexualised and expose children to the idea of transgenderism from a very young age with the rollout of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

Gender ideology is a pseudo-religious movement which claims that children can be born in the wrong body. It teaches that we all have a ‘gender identity’ which takes precedence over our biological sex. Girls struggling with adolescence, puberty, anxiety, etc., are especially vulnerable to this craze, as covered so well in Abigail Shrier’s book, ‘Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters’.

Not only is it impossible to change one's biological sex, the dangers of trying are tremendously high. Lupron, one of the drugs given as a puberty blocker is incredibly carcinogenic and used as a chemical castrator for sex offenders. Surgeries are also very dangerous, as one patient who had to have false genitalia made out of colon skin, developed blood poisoning from fecal matter and died during surgery as part of the Dutch Protocol study.

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