Investigation launched into Maryland teacher's antisemitic posts

Angela Wolf holds the position of head of the English Language Development department, which serves immigrant children, at Takoma Park Middle School.

Investigation launched into Maryland teacher's antisemitic posts
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A Maryland teacher is currently on a leave of absence as the school district conducts an investigation into her series of antisemitic social media posts. These posts involved compiling a list of wealthy individuals of Jewish descent in her county, alleging that they accumulate wealth without contributing to society, and advocating for a "class war."

Angela Wolf holds the position of head of the English Language Development department, which serves immigrant children, at Takoma Park Middle School, the Daily Wire reports.

This school is located in Montgomery County, known for its progressive values. While she has been temporarily taken out of the school environment, she continues to hold a position as a board member within the Montgomery County Education Association. This association is one of the largest local teachers' unions in the nation, representing approximately 14,000 staff members.

Her social media updates included an illustration showing an Israeli military vehicle aiming its weapon at infants in a hospital's newborn intensive care unit, with the caption “enemy in sight!” Amidst the conflict with Hamas militants responsible for the death of over 1,200 Israelis on October 7, her posts frequently criticized Israel. On November 16, she praised “bus drivers at Dulles who declined to drive Zionists to the pro-Israel demonstration,” noting that “their solidarity with the victims of Israeli genocide should be commended.”

On October 28, she circulated a message stating, “It is not a war — it is a slaughter. Israel determined to make Gaza uninhabitable.”

In December 2020, prior to the tensions in Israel, she wrote:

Out of the five billionaires she mentioned, four are Jewish, with the exception of Saul, who coincidentally has a name often associated with Jewish heritage.

In response to criticism, she claimed that she had “no idea these billionaires are Jewish or that my word choice had an [sic] historic significance for the Jewish community. The diatribe against these two words has turned the discussion into a fallacious attack … People are angry at teachers or a particular politician or the poor. I have read no attacks on the 1% … who have NOT ‘earned’ ‘their wealth.’”

She said “they use their accumulated wealth to further their own interests” and blamed their hoarding for students falling behind while teachers unions refused to work because of COVID. “There should be little question that staying home should NOT equal mental health crises for kids and communities angry because school staff also need to be home,” she wrote.

When someone else criticized her for her posts attacking Jews, she responded by calling former President Donald Trump a “scumbag” and stated that, “Fear is leading to censorship. I hope this person gets anti-imperialism and joins us in the struggle … No war but class war!”

Takoma Park Middle School Principal Erin Martin wrote a letter to parents “to address a series of antisemitic online posts that appear to have been made by a staff member at our school.”

“I was extremely saddened and disappointed by the contents of these posts and strongly condemn the views expressed as they do not align with our school’s values of inclusivity, respect and acceptance,” Martin wrote.

We “have begun an investigation into the matter” but “any actions resulting from an investigation will be considered a personnel matter. Due to employee privacy laws, MCPS and Takoma Park Middle School are unable to provide further details on the personnel matter,” she stated.

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