Iron Energy Gym owner’s fight to #SaveBC by defying Public Health Order

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Last month, British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry crushed the aspirations of many planning to get fit in the New Year, issuing the “Public Service Workplace Order” that mandated all gyms and exercise facilities to be close.

The decision sparked frustration by many, including Brian Mark, the owner of Iron Energy Gym. Mark is one of a handful of gym owners in B.C’s Okanagan Valley region to say “enough, is enough” when it comes to these mandates, choosing to keep his business open, despite the closure mandate.

“I’m just not willing to be a sheep anymore,” says Mark when asked what made his gym decide to resist the mandate.

Mark says the gym previously followed every order asked of them, and included that he and his wife, Kirstin Mark, also made the choice to be vaccinated so they could travel, only to now feel that the rug has been pulled out from them.

Mark says their gym “is not going to close, because there is no science to back it”. Closing fitness facilities, while keeping bars and malls open can seem ironic, considering a study from the CDC showed that 73 per cent of people who died with/from COVID-19 were were overweight and 50 per cent were considered obese.

Watch my interview with Brian and Kirstin Mark to hear why the $2,300 fine — which their community has already started crowdfunding for — and closure notice they received won‘t stop them from fighting to #SaveBC by taking a stand for gyms to be treated as an essential service.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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