Is Calgary's municipal government discriminating against Christians?

A group of Christians protested against what they feel is religious discrimination inside the doors of Calgary City Hall.

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After a few incidents at city hall, some folks in Calgary feel that their municipal government has a double standard when dealing with Christians. Criminal charges and trespass notices are being doled out to believers who stand up to the mayor.

In recent days, we have seen the mayor threatening and demeaning Christians who protest against drag queens participating in 'all-ages' events.

We saw that evident with the arrest of Pastor Derek Reimer. To see the whole story and to contribute to his official legal fund, you can head to

And there was another incident last week at city hall involving the security team there and another pastor.

Last week, Independence Party leader Pastor Artur Pawlowski was issued a trespass notice for warming up inside city hall. Pastor Art was at the building setting up for a press conference on the steps outside.

But the problem arose when he came inside the public municipal building to warm up from the bitter cold. Pastor Art has fought with the city for years for the right to feed the homeless unmolested by the government.

According to Pastor Art, a member of security began to raise his voice at him, telling him he is being trespassed for 30 days as he did not have permission to hold an event inside and that he had to leave.

An argument broke out, with Art and his brother David trying to explain what was really happening. The disagreement ended with the pair being given a 1-year trespass notice from their own city hall. Just days prior, Pastor Derek Reimer was also thrown out of city hall and told he was not allowed to be inside the building

According to Derek, when he questioned this, he was informed it was due to his current involvement in a protest at a children's drag queen story time at Calgary’s Seton Library. That’s the event the mayor insisted he be charged for. 

Now, is it the mayor’s new edict that you have to agree with her on the contentious issue of 'all-ages' drag events to access municipal facilities? Do we need to start worrying about our drag show social credit scores to go to the town hall now?

In response to all of this, a few Christians in Calgary decided they were going to do a Bible reading inside city hall in protest of what they feel is discriminatory treatment towards them.

It was going well until that same security guard spotted Derek and mentioned that he was instructed to kick the group out.

The question is, were these orders coming from the mayor herself? We plan to find out.

Another protester was also told he was trespassing after he had received a notice days before for unintentionally playing music inside city hall. Ray Friesen says he was pushed into the municipal building alongside others by LGBTQ and Antifa protesters when they had surrounded them, while he had his music speaker playing.

Trying to find clarity in the chaos, Ray’s main focus wasn't the music that was playing but on the safety of himself and his daughter who was alongside the group being pushed in.

At the Bible reading, after about another five to ten minutes, police arrived alongside the security guards to remove the prayer group, resulting in three more trespass notices for those accused of being associated with thought criminal Pastor Derek Reimer.

What on earth is going on in Calgary if Christians can’t be Christian in the public square?

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