Rebel News Vacations launches 'The Abraham Accords Fact-Finding Mission' trip to Israel and Dubai

Join the Rebel News mission to Israel and Dubai!

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I’m leading a trip to Israel and Dubai, from September 5 to 14, 2023. I’d love it if you came with me!

I’m going with other Rebel personalities like Avi Yemini, Sheila Gunn Reid, David Menzies and Drea Humphrey. And we’re inviting a select group of enthusiastic Rebels who want to join us on this fact-finding mission.

Do you think that might include you?

Click here to learn more!

In 2018, Rebel News led an amazing trip to Israel. But a lot has happened since then — including the Abraham Accords. That’s the peace agreement between Israel and a number of its Muslim neighbours, brokered by Donald Trump. (Had it been anyone else, he surely would have received a Nobel Peace Prize for it.)

So we’ll tour Israel for a week. But then we’re going to fly directly to the United Arab Emirates, to experience this new peace treaty personally, to explore the amazing city of Dubai, and to learn more about the new era in the Middle East.

There will be some “normal” tourism. But we’ll also receive exclusive briefings from experts in everything from history and archeology to politics and military matters.

For example, we’ll have a first-hand tour of Israel’s security fence — guided by Dany Tirza, the Israel military leader responsible for designing the route and construction of the fence. We’ll visit the Golan Heights, to see the strategic importance of that territory — and the Hezbollah terrorists openly flying their flags, next to United Nations observers. You can see the whole itinerary by clicking here.

In other words, this is a chance for you to see incredible, newsworthy things first-hand and become a bit of an expert in the subject — certainly more than your typical anti-Israel CBC reporter.

Everyone has an opinion about Israel, the Arab nations and the Middle East. But how many people have actually been there on the ground, to see things with their own eyes? Come with me and we’ll investigate the facts together. Click here to learn more.

It won’t just be politics and war, of course. We’ll see historical sites and religious sites. We’ll see beautiful archeology. And we’ll eat fabulous food. I’ll be there, along with our top Rebel News reporters. And you can come too as we explore these fascinating countries.

Come for the fascinating itinerary, and to learn the other side of the story. Come to spend quality time time with your favourite Rebel reporters. And come to meet other enthusiasts Rebel supporters from around the world!

This trip has another important purpose: it’s a fundraiser to help keep Rebel News strong. So it’s not cheap. But the experience will be priceless! (Click here to learn more.)

But sign up soon — we leave in just over three months, and space is extremely limited! Click here to learn more about our itinerary and prices.

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Join the Rebel News 'Abraham Accords' Fact-Finding Mission to Israel and Dubai!


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