It isn't easy going green — especially when bureaucrats can't count

Basic math seems to be a tricky task for the bureaucrats running Toronto City Hall.

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Everyone from Al Gore to David Suzuki wants us to go electric when commuting, be it riding in a plug-in hybrid or cruising along in a full electric vehicle. Moving forward, surely the phrase, “I could've had a V8” well soon be tantamount to uttering hate speech.

And so it is that governments the world over are now enticing citizens to move away from full carbon vehicles.

Depending on the jurisdiction, there are lucrative cash rebates for EV rides; there is an allowance for EV motorists to drive solo in the car-pooling lanes; and in some cases, there are free charging stations in parking lots.

Such is the case at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, home to both city hall and a massive underground parking lot that has more than 2,000 parking spaces. Of that number, three spaces are reserved for plug-in vehicles.

Hardly an embarrassment of riches, but hey, better than nothing, right?

But hold the phone! While there are three “green” spaces, get this: there are only two chargers available! Seriously.

Gee, talk about an inconvenient goof!

So it is that EVs making a beeline to this green parking area is akin to a game of musical chairs: namely, there is always going to be an odd man out.

But why? Surely the bureaucrats at Toronto Silly Hall can count to three? Or is this a matter of some paper-pusher screwing up — yet can’t be bothered to make things right because... well, such taxpayer-funded bureaucrats are un-fireable (unless, of course, they refuse to get double-jabbed for COVID-19, that is...)

And so it that three into two just doesn’t go (and ‘twas ever thus.) So sorry, Tesla Nation. Somewhere in snow-covered Sweden, Greta Thunberg weeps...

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