'It's Black History Month you can't fire me,' claims Brisbane woker

The termination of Brisbane Red Rooster worker has sparked debate on internet privacy and workplace conduct after her controversial TikTok video went viral.

'It's Black History Month you can't fire me,' claims Brisbane woker
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A Brisbane fast food worker's viral TikTok video has resulted in her termination from Red Rooster.

The former employee, known as Qrillo on TikTok, posted a video of herself working in the drive-thru while mouthing the words to a song. The video, which initially appeared innocent enough, included a caption that read "When I accidentally put a $100 note in my pocket at work" and "Why am I so silly."

Red Rooster management noticed the video and swiftly terminated Qrillo on Sunday. The manager text Qrillo claiming that "stealing is not tolerated" at the restaurant and that "the police will soon be investigating this case."

Qrillo responded to the termination with a screenshot of the texts, captioning it "damn, I just got fired" and responding to the termination text with "lol no." The manager responded by asking for Qrillo's cooperation and informed her that the police were looking into the situation.

Qrillo bizarelly then replied "It's black history month you can't fire me" in answer to the manager. February is Black History Month in the US.

Despite warnings from her TikTok followers about the potential consequences of posting the video, Qrillo's termination has sparked a heated debate about internet privacy and digital footprints. Some made jokes about the situation, while others warned about the serious consequences of posting such content online. Others questioned the authenticity of the situation, with one person asking "Why did they misspell cooperation?"

Regardless of the opinions, the incident serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of being mindful of what is posted online, especially in the workplace.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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