"It's tyrannical to coerce children": Protect Our Children protester on vaccine propaganda

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For months now, Rebel News has been keeping the public informed about growing safety concerns surrounding the emergency use only COVID-19 vaccines that our elites and politicians insist must be taken in order for our human rights to be returned.

Recently, however, red flags surrounding the vaccines have become more prevalent and difficult to censor, such that even mainstream media are starting to allow a discussion about their safety without using labels like ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘anti-vaxx.’

Israel, one of the quickest countries to roll out the COVID vaccine, including to children, recently released a report showing that “There is a likelihood of a connection between receiving a second dose of [Pfizer/BioNTech] vaccine and the onset of myocarditis in young men aged 16-30.”

Similarly, the U.K. and U.S. recently began investigations after some teens experienced heart issues after being inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine.

Despite these developments and the fact that teenagers have almost a zero chance of dying from COVID, Health Canada has yet to suspend the use of COVID-19 vaccinations for children until we have more answers.

Additionally, the government is still allowing teenagers to receive the vaccine without parental consent.

Last week, a group of protesters from the Protect Our Children group rallied at the Vancouver Coastal Health building in hopes of putting an end to that.

Watch the full report on what took place, including why the group’s organizer, teacher Hila Russ-Woodland, chose to call the police for assistance with getting their voices heard.

Many doctors, nurses, and even vaccine-injured people who have spoken out against the government-approved narrative regarding these vaccines have been intimidated and punished for doing so.

Please hear from some of them and sign our petition to end medical censorship by popping over to StopMedicalSilencing.com.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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