Jacinta Price demands apology following Lisa Wilkinson's racist comment

Senator Price insists on a public apology from Channel 10 and the resignation of Katy Gallagher, accusing her of misleading parliament.

Jacinta Price demands apology following Lisa Wilkinson's racist comment
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In the wake of what she termed as 'racist and disparaging' remarks caught on a recorded conversation involving Brittany Higgins, Lisa Wilkinson, and others in 2021, Jacinta Price has voiced her expectation for an apology.

She further asserted that Katy Gallagher should step down from her post, accusing her of deception regarding her initial knowledge of Ms Higgins' claims.

In a dialogue with Ben Fordham on the 2GB radio show last Friday, Senator Price claimed the offending comments were characteristic of their source.

“Naturally, these are demeaning and racist remarks, but this is what you'd anticipate from people who are part of the woke class," she said.

Price claimed Channel 10 and its program The Project have consistently dismissed the perspectives of conservative indigenous women from rural Australia, as per the Senator.

“They have never shown any interest in the issues I've definitely brought to light,” she lamented.

A public apology from the Channel 10 network and Lisa Wilkinson herself is anticipated by Senator Price.

“I certainly expect an apology from the 10 network and Lisa Wilkinson herself. It’s the right thing to do,” she expressed.

The Senator stressed the value of her hard work and community respect in achieving her current position, as well as the authentic representation of marginalised individuals within her community, who still exist under cultural restrictions in remote communities.

This call comes following Sky News' broadcast of sections of a recorded 2021 planning meeting between Ms Wilkinson, Ms Higgins, David Sharaz and Angus Llewelyn, the producer of The Project. 

During this meeting, Ms Wilkinson appears to fumble over the pronunciation of Senator Price's name, implying her public office appointment was merely symbolic. “The Liberal Party has preselected over 20 fresh, wonderfully diverse and strong female candidates like, what's her name, Jacinta (inaudible). She’s an Indigenous woman," she remarked.

Mr Sharaz retorted, “well, she obviously made it... it's definitely a safe seat.” Wilkinson's response was dismissive, “That’s the thing. It was, and that was, as soon as I looked at it I thought, ‘oh, you’re joking’.”

Price made a firm call for Katy Gallagher’s resignation.

“She should absolutely resign, as she has clearly misled parliament,” she insisted, adding that Gallagher's treatment of her colleague Linda Reynolds has been “absolutely atrocious.”

However, Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles defended Gallagher on Channel Nine, asserting that she is a person of “tremendous integrity” who has not misled parliament.

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