Jay Hill of the Maverick Party on “vote splitting” with Conservatives and PPC

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On the latest episode of The Gunn Show, Jay Hill, the interim leader of the Maverick Party joined Sheila Gunn Reid for one of her most-requested interviews yet.

In this excerpt from the full interview, Jay discusses the touchy issue of vote splitting with the Conservative Party of Canada and the People's Party of Canada.

“...the people in those ridings, where we have the opportunity to field a quality candidate — are gonna have an opportunity, they can vote as they've done for over a hundred years and send another Conservative... to Ottawa, likely in opposition... if the polls are to be believed.

“Or they can send a Maverick, which will be a true representation of their views, their hopes and dreams to Ottawa to represent them in the next parliament.

“That's the choice they're going to have. In the other ridings, we're going to try as hard as we can not to contest those ridings where vote splitting might occur, and a Liberal, NDP or Green candidate could potentially win.”

This is just an excerpt from the full Gunn Show.

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