Justin Trudeau hypocritically comments on ‘rise in anger and violence’ in population

Trudeau claims to believe that the reason why Canadians are frustrated with their government is because ‘we’ve been through a lot these past years,’ and that anxiety is increasing 'because of climate change.'

Justin Trudeau hypocritically comments on ‘rise in anger and violence’ in population
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The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, the one who vilified right-wing protesters during the Freedom Convoy, who publicly asked if Canadians should tolerate the unvaccinated, who ordered the invocation of the Emergencies Act during the convoy, who wore blackface multiple times, whose bodyguard violently assaulted a Rebel News reporter, who openly insulted Rebel News reporters multiple times, who implemented mask and vaccine mandates that restricted unvaccinated Canadians from travelling on planes and trains in their own country, has struck again.

During a recent press conference — that seemingly took place in a kitchen — Trudeau was asked why he believes anger towards politicians is on the rise. After a long five-second break, Trudeau uttered six words: “We have been through a lot.”

He then continued, explaining that he believes the past years have been difficult, due to the pandemic and climate change. 

“The pandemic, increasing anxiety because of climate change, transformations of our economy, rise in mental health and addiction problems,” he said. “Particularly with the opioid crisis that has been ravaging communities all across the country.”

However, Trudeau forgot to mention that a possible and very realistic reason for a rise in anger might be the divide he created in the country. 

On December 9, 2021, David Menzies was standing on a public sidewalk waiting to respectfully ask a question to Trudeau, and the prime minister’s bodyguards brutally assaulted him.

Trudeau has yet to have denounced his bodyguards’ actions. 

Perhaps a reason why Canadians are angry at politicians is because they have been witnessing police disturb, attack and arrest peaceful protesters who were showing their discontent for the current Liberal government. 

Or perhaps it’s for incidents like this one above, where police put their hands on Rebel News reporters once again for covering a story, as had happened in Toronto during a lockdown protest. 

Perhaps a reason why Canadians are frustrated at their government is because police officers call out Rebel News reporters on the street using their religion, like it happened countless times with Rebel News’ own Yanky Pollak. 

These repeated incidents occurred while the Quebec government was imposing a curfew on its population, not allowing them to walk out of their house at night. A curfew which could have also affected the population’s mental health.

But most of all, the divide created by Trudeau’s own comments regarding the Freedom Convoy.

Indeed, Trudeau called the thousands of peaceful protesters who took part in the Freedom Convoy “misogynistic” and “racist.” He claimed they were a “small fringe minority [of people] holding unacceptable views.”

But according to the statement he made to the press this week, the fact that he said thousands of Canadians hold “unacceptable views” has had no impact on the way they perceive their government.

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