Kellie-Jay Keen on track to double Twitter following after violent trans protests

Let Women Speak rally organiser wins over new fans after being attacked by violent activists during her Downunder tour.

Kellie-Jay Keen on track to double Twitter following after violent trans protests
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Women's rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen is on track to almost double her Twitter following since arriving Downunder as part of the Let Women Speak rallies across Australia and New Zealand.

Her New Zealand tour was drastically cut short after a rally in Auckland turned violent with transgender rights protesters storming the event and assaulting Keen as well as other women in the crowd.

Prior to the Dowunder tour Keen, who is also known online as Posie Parker, had about 40,000 followers with her account gaining more than 38,000 followers in the past 30 days according to statistics from Social Blade.

Newshub reports Keen's rise in popularity was discussed on a panel on New Zealand television, with Auckland Business Chamber CEO Simon Bridges admitting that she, and not the violent trans rights protesters, was the real "winner of the day".

"She's got more social media followers now and I do wonder if by resorting to throwing stuff… [and] some intimidation, if the counter-protest, if you like, did themselves a disservice in that way," Bridge said.

But most mainstream New Zealand pundits have defended the violent protest with The Period Place co-founder and CEO Danika Revell disagreeing, saying she is "proud of the people of Aotearoa coming out" and standing for what they believe in despite shocking vision showing the cruel abuse unleashed on women.

"Yes we are allowed to say things but we are not allowed to threaten people and in [Parker's] rhetoric... the words that she chooses to use... the threats she uses to annihilate people - that's not debating, that's not sharing an opinion - that's aggression," Revell said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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