Lantsman's motion to end travel restrictions defeated by Trudeau-Singh agreement

Amongst the 313 votes that occurred on that motion, 112 members of parliament supported it, while 201 voted "nay."

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On May 30, 2022, in the House of Commons, a motion brought forward by Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman with the intent of ending Justin Trudeau's discriminatory travel restrictions was defeated. The eyes of the nation were waiting for a positive answer but we can observe the Trudeau-Singh agreement at work.  It is unbelievable to think that Canada still remains one of the only countries where the unvaccinated cannot go on a plane, train or boat.

This concern is touching more Canadians than we probably think. Being a prisoner of your own country because of a medical decision is unbelievable, but unfortunately true. You can still sign our petition at if you haven’t done it yet.

A citizen has recently contacted me in follow up of this motion that has been defeated. The person wrote to several MPs and received only one response.

In the email, we can read the following:

I have been discussing an option with the Ministers of Health and Transportation, and that being to make the wearing of N95 masks mandatory for unvaccinated people in place of the vaccine mandate.

The big question right now is the possibility of another COVID-19 wave this fall; one that could possibly be another variant of the virus that is not mitigated by the vaccines we’ve had so far.

A recent analysis of death rates around the world has estimated the additional number of deaths over the ‘normal’ levels pre-pandemic.  Some countries have been hard hit over the last two years, notably Peru, which has seen a 60 per cent rise in deaths.  The United States reports an 18 per cent increase over what would have been expected before 2020, while Canada’s increase in deaths is 4 per cent.  What we’ve been doing so far has saved lives, and until the risk is found to be more manageable, some form of mandate will still be needed.

What does that mean? Where is the study invoked there? Who did this study? Are we going to live with a permanent mandate forever? What percentage of the population will comply again during the fall if, as they say here, there will be a new variant?

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