Laval University suspends science researcher for expressing academic freedom

Laval University posted an application for a Research Chair position, but you can't apply if you're a white man. Alexa Lavoie asks people at the university what they think about this.

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What about Laval University in Quebec City? After the hunt for scientists, they discriminate against white men?

Laval University is concerned about academic freedom and freedom of expression on university campuses, and that they need that freedom.

They also mention that in universities, people must debate everything, take risks, study and explore difficult, sensitive or even controversial subjects. Discuss everything but topics such as the possible effects of coercive vaccination.

In the past, the establishment has taken action against their employees who dared to take another way of thinking of the main narrative.

Two teachers had received consequences for having wanted to discuss subjects, which still today there is only one narrative, vaccination in children and consequences versus benefits.

Mr. Nicolas Derome was the first to speak and the university immediately dissociated himself from the words of the RNA professor and researcher.

Mr. Patrick Provost, teacher and mRNA researcher also, has had 8 weeks of suspension without pay and now risks his career with the same university.

But today, Laval University is going straight to discrimination white men by posting a call for applications for a research chair position but limiting access to them.

But are we going to stop this woke movement that stormed the institutions? In this report I explain what happened with this university and I asked people on the campus for their point of view on the topic. 

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