LEGAL UPDATE: Chad Williamson chimes in on Coutts border blockade arrests

Lawyer Chad Williamson will be representing all truckers involved in the Coutts blockade.

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On January 29 in Coutts Alberta nearly 10,000 trucks preformed a slow roll at the border in protest of the COVID mandates. Around 300 trucks stuck around to block the border in hopes of getting the government's attention. They sure got it, and more.

For nine days I was embedded in the blockade with my colleague Sydney Fizzard to report the other side of the story, and to combat the lies regarding the situation propagated by the mainstream media and the Alberta government.

You can see more at

Four days into the blockade, the truckers received legal counsel from Chad Williamson, which is being crowdfunded at

On Sunday, February 13, eleven people were arrested following a search warrant on a house in Coutts. Due to the details of the arrest involving guns and ammunition, the remaining truckers ended up leaving to uphold their promise of staying peaceful.

I caught up with Chad Williamson for an update on the arrests as not all facts and evidence have surfaced yet.

Chad will be representing all truckers involved in the Coutts blockade, and you can help them in their legal defence at

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