In 2022, Justin Trudeau remained in an estranged relationship with the truth

Today, we look back at three big whoppers the Prime Minister told the Canadian public that the mainstream media swallowed, hook, line and sinker.

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Lie number one.

Remember when Justin Trudeau told the nation that 90% of cross-border truckers were unvaccinated thus, his vaccine mandate for those same truckers was justified after they worked diligently unvaccinated for the first two years of the pandemic?

That one fib sparked an international convoy movement against nonsensical COVID restrictions and served as the catalyst for the weeks-long, peaceful Freedom Convoy demonstrations in Ottawa.

Justin Trudeau's use of a counterterrorism law called the Emergencies Act to end the aforementioned peaceful anti-COVID protest after 3 weeks was examined by the Public Order Emergency Commission. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland's notes submitted as evidence indicated the feds knew up to 50% of truckers would be harmed by the new rules.

That one enormous lie sparked a protest that inspired the world and revealed Justin Trudeau as the

Lie number 2.

Justin Trudeau says that he supports the rights of peaceful protesters.

But Trudeau only supports peaceful protesters abroad. At home, he seized the bank accounts of anti-regime activists for being inconvenient in the nation's capital and embarrassing him internationally.

Lie number three.

Trudeau claimed that anyone saying his new sweeping firearms ban - the largest in Canadian history - targets hunting rifles was guilty of spreading misinformation.

The Fur Institute of Canada says the ban will hit the rifles and shotguns used by their membership.

And, ironically, so does Trudeau!

It's been a treacherous 2022. Here's to a freer 2023.

From my family to yours, and on behalf of the journalistic team here at Rebel News, thank you for your continued support, both moral and financial. You make our work possible!

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