Ezra Levant asks Nigel Farage if the election results are a rebuke of the mainstream media

'Britain is broken, Britain needs reform, that's our slogan and I believe in it now more than I've ever believed in it,' said Farage.

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Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant is on the ground in the United Kingdom as residents cast their votes in the General Election and the results trickle in.

Levant was able to ask Reform UK leader Nigel Farage a question as he exited his vehicle on his way to addressing his supporters after a hard-fought electoral process.

Speaking about the results of the election, Levant said, "The most terrifying news of the night came out in the morning, there are now five MPs who are on a Gaza platform."

"They ran as independents, including the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and they won in ethnic enclaves where there is voting by religion in the UK. You have more Islamists MPs in the British Parliament now than you do Reform MPs," he said.

Levant went on to say, "There are now five MPs who are on a Gaza platform they ran as independents...and they won."

"Nigel Farage's party received millions of votes but received only four seats. That's just how it is though, the Labour got two thirds of the seats with just a third of the vote."

Speaking about gaining votes from the Labour Party, Farage said "I think in the north of England yes, absolutely. And really, Labour have won this election without any enthusiasm at all."

"And we'll now be going off for a Labour vote, you watch," he said.

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