“What a kook”: Liberal electoral reformer Monsef is the real racist, “spitting on the country that took her in”

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Maryam Monsef is the Liberal MP who's been put in charge of reforming Canada's electoral system.

But she refuses to allow these changes to be put to Canadian voters in a referendum. She says she has a better idea:

Count how many people click “like” on Facebook, or tweet something on Twitter.

Oh — and if you disagree, she says you’re racist. What a kook.

Monsef herself is a bit weird.

Le Devoir reported that in 2016, she’d, “intended to return to Afghanistan, where a job waited for her. She sold her furniture, gave up her pretty apartment in downtown Peterborough, and declined enticing professional offers."

But now, two years later, she’s telling Canadians we need to totally overhaul our democracy, change our oldest democratic traditions, and if you disagree with her you’re racist?

No, Maryam Monsef. You’re the racist one, spitting on the country that took you in.

What a disgrace.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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