Liberal MP accidentally explains why people were skeptical of COVID vaccines

Anthony Housefather explained how regular practices were set aside during COVID vaccine production.

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Liberal MP Anthony Housefather said the quiet part out loud in during a committee meeting in the House of Commons.

Housefather explained to the committee that agreements between members of Parliament and vaccine producers “require employees of the Government of Canada that access these documents to sign confidentiality agreements.”

The Liberal MP then explained why this led to such heavily redacted documents relating to the vaccine:

It's because these documents were signed at the beginning of the pandemic when everybody was desperate for vaccines, when companies were being told to rush vaccine production, do testing in an unprecedented way, a way they normally don't do it.

So these companies were exposed to way higher liability putting their products on the market on the market than they normally would because they didn't do the type of testing that normally takes these drugs years to come to market. They did it all in less than a year.

So that's why these companies said, ‘if I'm going to deliver you this product that I haven't tested in my normal way, I want to have different conditions’. And with countries all around the world competing with each other to get these, the countries had less leverage than they normally do.

Drea Humphrey and David Menzies shared their reactions to this accidental moment of clarity from this Liberal MP on yesterday's DAILY Roundup. Catch new DAILY Roundup livestreams weekdays at 1 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. MT.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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