Liberal MP Moira Deeming to escalate legal action against party leader

Controversy continues as ousted Victorian MP Moira Deeming announces plans to pursue legal action against Liberal party leader John Pesutto.

Liberal MP Moira Deeming to escalate legal action against party leader
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Ousted Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming is set to ramp up her battle against party leader John Pesutto, declaring her intent to take legal action against him.

Deeming was unfairly accused of associating with "neo-Nazi sympathisers and extremists" and was subsequently expelled from the state Liberals' parliamentary room in May.

After a failed attempt at mediation last week, Deeming expressed her determination to file a defamation suit against Pesutto for the sake of her family.

Despite being voted out 19 to 11 by fellow MPs, Deeming remains committed to clearing her name and restoring her reputation within the party.

In a statement, Deeming emphasised her loyalty to the Liberal Party and vowed not to use party or taxpayer funds for her legal battle. She recounted the events leading to her expulsion, pointing out that a pro-women's rights rally she spoke at was infiltrated by masked neo-Nazi sympathisers.

Deeming asserted her innocence, stating she had condemned neo-Nazis and bigotry publicly. She accused Pesutto of falsely branding her as a "knowing associate of neo-Nazi sympathisers" and insisted on an official exoneration, financial restitution, and reinstatement to the party room.

Deeming's legal fight has garnered support, with a dedicated website urging donations to aid in her "legal fight" titled "Defend Moira Deeming." Despite Pesutto's promise to vigorously defend against any legal action, the controversy surrounding Deeming's expulsion continues to unfold within the Victorian Liberal Party.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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