Liberal Party fundraiser turns into a nightmare for Justin Trudeau

David Menzies reports from outside the Dreams Convention Centre in Brampton, Ont., where Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party fundraiser turned into a nightmare for the prime minister.

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Just days after a stunning loss to the Conservatives in the midtown Toronto riding of Toronto-St. Paul’s, the Liberal Party of Canada staged a $1,700+ plate fundraiser in Brampton, Ont. last Thursday evening.

The shindig was held at the Dreams Convention Centre and perhaps it was very dreamy indeed inside the venue (Rebel News, par for the course, was not allowed admittance); however, outside Dreams, the lay of the land made for a nightmare scenario for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Indeed, not only were there dozens of patriots on-hand to voice their complaints and display scathing signage (our favourite: an oversized photo of Fraulein Freeland donning an SS uniform) but the pro-Hamas hooligans were also in attendance.

While the two diverse groups had precious little in common, they were united in their contempt for the Trudeau Liberals. And they were very vocal indeed.

It was interesting observing who was attending the fundraiser.

For example, most attendees were driving high-powered, fossil fuel consuming cars and SUVs that were priced north of $100,000 (Range Rovers, Porsches, Cadillac Escalades and so forth). Since we counted only three green-plated electric vehicles, it would appear that even the Liberal Party true believers aren’t buying Trudeau’s climate change propaganda.

According to a CBC report, the state-sanctioned broadcaster noted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged the Toronto byelection defeat — a riding that was held by the Liberals since 1993 — but didn't seem to waver from his usual message.

Said Trudeau: "We have a time where people are facing huge challenges and huge uncertainty around the world. We saw that on Monday night in Toronto-St. Paul's.”

CBC also reported Trudeau repeated a similar refrain from past months — that the Liberals are focused on finding solutions while accusing the Conservatives of stirring up anger.

As well it was noted that Trudeau received a standing ovation from the roughly 100 Liberal supporters in attendance; otherwise, the mood in the room was subdued.

“Subdued” was certainly not the descriptor for the folks outside Dreams; many of them were frothing mad.

Not that the CBC bothered to interview any of these people. Nor did CBC even report that there were angry demonstrations occurring outside the venue in the first place.

Shameful, but not surprising.

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