SPONSORED: The Liberal Party Wants You Barred from Public Spaces If Unvaccinated

The good news is there’s a new company to help you stand against this medical tyranny and redefine health care in Canada.

 SPONSORED: The Liberal Party Wants You Barred From Public Spaces If Unvaccinated
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The Liberal Party of Canada continues to propose that they will require proof of vaccination to exercise our most basic human rights: go to a store, enjoy public space and travel within Canada. The Liberal Party proposed to dedicate 1 billion in taxpayer dollars to a COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Fund to implement a “requirement for proof of vaccine credentials in their jurisdiction for non-essential businesses and public space.”

Worse yet, the fund will cover legal costs “to ensure that every business and organization that decides to require a proof of vaccination from employees and customers can do so without fear of a legal challenge.” 

Instead of using taxpayer money to address serious issues plaguing Canadians, the Liberal Party is enforcing outdated and dangerous vaccine mandates. This is another step down the slippery slope towards totalitarianism. 

The good news is there’s a new company to help you stand against this medical tyranny and redefine health care in Canada. Their US counterpart already has thousands of satisfied customers and a medical board led by renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. Now the Canadian founders are proud to bring this service to Canada. 

The Wellness Company (TWC) Canada has a community of people who share your values and want to empower you to take preventative care into your own hands. Dr. Julie Ponesse, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. William Makis and Dr. Roger Hodkinson together form the Chief Medical and Scientific Board at TWC Canada.

These doctors have a mission to provide you with all the tools of modern, functional and holistic medicine and premium formulations of researched supplements, such as Spike Support.

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You can read about the Healthcare Roadmap in Canada and get excited for the future of preventative health care in Canada.

The Wellness Company - Health care roadmap

And right now, you can already access scientifically formulated products and treatment protocols designed by doctors who think like you and follow actual science – not political science. Take advantage of the special launch offer and become a member today for just .99 cents for your first month.

Members enjoy incredible discounts on all products, including the famous Spike Support Formula, which contains the miracle ingredient Nattokinase. Members also receive exclusive content from some of Canada’s leading experts every week. Celebrate The Wellness Company Canada’s launch with this .99 cent membership offer by visiting TWCCanada.health. Put your wellness back in the driver’s seat.

This sponsored article is brought to you by The Wellness Company, which strives to build a new preventative health-care system that earns people’s trust, is governed and operated with transparency, and offers the highest quality practitioners who align at their core with the fundamental belief — putting the patient first. Click here to learn more and become a member today.

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