Liberals fight against climate change so serious they spent nearly $3m on gas guzzlers

When given the chance to choose the climate or comfort and reliability, the Liberals chose gas-powered SUVs.

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A new order paper response shows just how much the Trudeau cabinet loves their gas power SUVs.

On June 17, 2019, the Trudeau Liberals voted in the House of Commons to declare a national climate emergency, with then-climate minster Catherine McKenna arguing “climate change is a real and urgent crisis, driven by human activity.”

Just not Liberal human activity. She meant your human activity.

Because when given the chance to choose to fight climate change with their own vehicle choices, the Liberals chose something a little more reliable and practical to drive. They went with gas-powered SUVs just like normal people do.

Only one of the cars in the ministerial fleet of 75 vehicles was electric — a lone Chevy Volt. And according to documents, “The total cost of procuring the fleet was $2,926,952.26, plus applicable taxes.”

The information was revealed in a question posed to the government by Niagara Falls, Ontario Conservative MP for Tony Baldinelli, who asked about the numbers of vehicles, as well as the make, model and upkeep costs.

Most of the vehicles were gas-powered SUVs, including several Toyota Highlanders and Ford Explorers. Fewer than 10 of 75 vehicles driven by ministers, deputy ministers and department heads were sedans.

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