Lidia Thorpe demands audience with King Charles over colonialism gripes

Indigenous Senator Lidia Thorpe criticises colonialism and demands inclusion of 'Blak Sovereign Movement' in 'No' campaign pamphlet.

Lidia Thorpe demands audience with King Charles over colonialism gripes
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Senator Lidia Thorpe has demanded an audience with King Charles to express her displeasure about colonialism.

Thorpe, who opposes the Voice, also demanded that the Blak Sovereign Movement be included in the official ‘No’ campaign pamphlet.

She told journalists on Tuesday that “sovereignty was not ceded” and the Albanese government’s Voice would be used as a vehicle to control First Nations people.

“We are the original and only sovereigns of these lands,” she said. “We are saying no to the referendum and no to the Voice.

“There has been no free or prior consent. The voice advises on how the government can govern First Nations peoples but we have never agreed to be governed by the colonial Australian government.

“It’s part of a colonial system that will continue to oppress us.

“It has no power, it will be controlled by the parliament. So we are here to say that we don’t accept that. That is not good enough.

“We want to have a conversation with the so-called other sovereign who apparently lives in another country, and apparently he’s named the King.

“So we want to have a conversation about sovereignty and what happened way back then, that decimated our people, that decimated our land. And that created stolen wealth for themselves.”

Thorpe insists that Indigenous people need a treaty with the Commonwealth.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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