Life altering vaccine policy devastates frontline hero

Once hailed as a frontline hero, registered nurse Katherine was terminated from her position due to an unrecognized religious exemption.

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Hospitals across Canada remain chronically understaffed with emergency departments and other urgent care clinics being forced to cut back operating hours.

Yet that has not prevented senior management from disregarding the convictions of their staff to make their own informed choices when it comes to the COVID-19 injections.

In this story, Registered Nurse Katherine was terminated by her employer — Guelph General Hospital (GGH) — after being employed by the hospital for 7 years and despite being ready and able to work.

The hospital’s Human Resources department, namely Director Geoff Wood, refused to recognize the religious convictions that exempt Katherine from the heavy-handed policy.

Katherine was willing to prove her natural, robust immunity and continue using strict PPE measures. In spite of Katherine’s willingness to compromise, Woods was unwavering in the termination and asserted in an e-mail that “the hospital’s mandatory vaccination policy is in regards to immunization and not immunity.”

So, what’s the point of it all if not to achieve immunity? I reached out to Woods to ask but he failed to respond.

Due to new employment codes issued by the Federal Liberal Government, Katherine’s Record of Employment stated that she was dismissed on the apparently legitimate grounds of failing to comply with a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

After applying for Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits — something that every working Canadian pays into for their entire working career, Service Canada denied Katherine’s claim based on her being “dismissed for her misconduct.”

Katherine requested a reconsideration which was also denied.

She then appealed the decision to the Social Security Tribunal. They found that Katherine’s claims had no reasonable chance of success and dismissed it as well.

Katherine then wrote asking for a reconsideration and including documents such as the union’s Collective Agreement which was a suggested document to use for the reconsideration. This agreement makes no mention of a mandate existing for a COVID-19 vaccine.

This was also dismissed, based on the grounds of it being out of the Canada Employment Insurance Commissioners' “jurisdiction.”

“It’s unbelievable. I feel like everyone is passing the buck onto someone else to deal with,” says Katherine.

Being without gainful employment since November 2021 has been “catastrophic” to Katherine, who now lives with her husband at her parents' house.

Katherine points out the hypocrisy of this response: “All these politicians and public health officials are saying this is for everyone and we have to do this but if you look at the World Health Organization’s document on the Social Determinants of Health, it states that the number one social determinant of health is income.”

“Why am I being denied my number one social determinant of health? How is that okay?”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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