Live Updates: BC healthcare workers challenge Dr. Bonnie Henry's COVID-19 mandate in Supreme Court

Peter Gall, the lawyer representing the BC healthcare professionals, argued that there is no longer a state of emergency and therefore there is no legal authority to continue preventing vax-free healthcare workers from caring for patients in certain settings.

Live Updates: BC healthcare workers challenge Bonnie Henry's COVID-19 mandate in Supreme Court
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Hundreds of healthcare professionals in British Columbia who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 mandates issued by Dr. Bonnie Henry's government are having their case heard today in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

British Columbia is one of the only jurisdictions in the world to still have a vaccine mandate that prohibits thousands of healthy, vax-free healthcare workers from working in certain healthcare settings.

Despite the province experiencing a critical healthcare shortage, Dr. Bonnie Henry shows no signs of rescinding the draconian measure.

A group of B.C doctors and other healthcare professionals with the Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine (CSSEM) hope to quash the mandate via a judicial review being heard Monday to Friday this week in the Vancouver Supreme Courthouse.

A full report including an interview with some of the lead petitioners on the case will be coming soon.

Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey is in court and will be providing live updates.

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