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If you have been following Rebel News’ coverage of the lockdowns over the past year, you’ll have seen that we haven’t missed a beat when it comes to showing our viewers what is really happening on the ground in Canada.

We have consistently covered the lockdown protests at Queen’s Park and Yonge-Dundas Square over the past 11 months. We were on scene for the shutdown of Adamson Barbecue, and brought you exclusive footage of owner Adam Skelly’s arrest. We recorded the footage catching sneaky Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown breaking his own lockdown rules by hosting hockey games for his friends, while children were unable to play.

These are the kind of stories we want to continue capturing for you.

Real, raw footage of what is really going on, with no narrative to push. You may have seen what happened this past weekend in Montreal, Quebec at one of the anti-lockdown protests happening in the city. There was a heavy police presence on the scene trying to dismiss protesters, including riot police and the mounted unit. We feel it is crucial that we are on scene this weekend to show you exactly what is happening on the streets of Montreal.

We have been doing a fair bit of travelling the past month, including three trips to Calgary and one trip to Edmonton in Alberta. Unlike the mainstream media, we do not receive a cent of government funding. Our travel, car rental, gas and accommodation expenses are all crowdfunded from the generous donations from our viewers.

That’s why we are launching LockdownReports.com, where we are kindly asking for donations to help us continue bringing you the truth and the other side of the story with what’s really happening in regard to these lockdown measures. We will use this to help fund our future reports, so that if there’s a lockdown story in Canada or anywhere else in the word, we will be there to cover it.

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Help fund our lockdown reporting!

Please donate to help us continue bringing you the truth and the other side of the story with what’s happening in regard to these lockdown measures.


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