Mainstream media changes its tune on censored Covid opinions

The mainstream media is facing criticism for now reporting on Covid opinions that they previously censored.

Mainstream media changes its tune on censored Covid opinions
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The mainstream media is now saying the very things about Covid restrictions that they were censoring others for saying only a year ago.

In the past month, the legacy media has started reporting criticism of the Covid response that, if said last year, would have had some labelled conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers.

The New York Post has just published a list of 10 opinions now being freely talked about in the media that people had been banned from sharing during the pandemic.

The newspaper was careful to note that experts had genuinely believed those opinions to be so-called “misinformation” at the time. But it was scathing of their failure to admit that those opinions – for which they had censored people – were in fact right.

The paper noted that people were fact-checked for saying natural immunity offered better protection compared to the Covid vaccine, an opinion that was now reportedly acknowledged as true.

It recalled that people who already had anti-bodies that effectively neutralised the virus had been fired from their jobs for refusing to get the vaccine.

Other now accepted facts that people were banned from saying just a year ago included that wearing masks and closing schools did not reduce Covid transmission.

But the article went further and noted that people labelled anti-vaxxers had been right all along with many of their criticisms of Covid vaccines.

It pointed out that it was now more widely accepted that myocarditis from the vaccine was more common than previously thought and that young people did not benefit greatly from vaccine booster shots.

The New York Post article was published after US intelligence reported last week that they believed the Covid virus had originated in a Chinese laboratory.

Former US President Donald Trump was labelled a racist for suggesting that very scenario when the pandemic began, and Google admitted to supressing searches of “lab leak” during the pandemic.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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