Māori freedom fighters give Avi Yemini a REAL 'Welcome to Country'

Woke activists fail to shut down NZ book launch as indigenous supporters show strength, defending free speech.

Māori freedom fighters give Avi Yemini a REAL 'Welcome to Country'
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The first leg of Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini's A Rebel From The Start book launch triumphed despite attempts by 'woke' activists to cancel the events.

In a show of solidarity, indigenous supporters greeted Avi with a traditional Māori welcome in a gesture that exemplified the spirit of unity and strength.

While the event in Auckland event was a resounding success, a subsequent event at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul faced hurdles when the venue received threats from left-wing activists leading to its cancellation.

However, instead of yielding to the pressure, with assistance from Pastor Brian Tamaki, the event found a new home at the Destiny Church in Lower Hutt.

"Threatening a book launch with violence is no better than burning a book. It’s barbaric," Avi said, further stating the importance of standing for freedom of speech and assembly.

After failing to cancel the Wellington event, Antifa activists resorted to plastering posters in the city labelling Avi as a 'racist' and a 'violent far right thug' in a bid to stir controversy about the event.

Avi shot back on X, formerly Twitter, stating:

"I'm a Yemenite-Russian-Polish Jew who has grown up around Australians and who has served in the military under an Arab commander. My best mate is Maori, another good mate is Aboriginal, and my newest friend, Rukshan, is Sri Lankan. My most trusted cameraman, Benji, whom I take everywhere, is from Hong Kong. My first wife was half-Chinese, and I raised her Afro-Brazilian children. My now wife, Rhonda, is a blonde Australian with two Muslim kids. I have more diversity every single day than these left-wing extremists have in their entire miserable lives."

Last year, Avi faced a ban from entering New Zealand, which authorities initially linked to a minor criminal conviction. The real reason for the ban, however, was later exposed as NZ authorities feared Avi's "propensity to challenge opposing [establishment] views."

Despite this controversial move by the New Zealand government, the ban was eventually overturned, aligning perfectly with the timing of his book's completion.

Supporters also turned out in strong numbers again in Melbourne on Sunday night, where Avi held his first official Australian book launch.

Stay tuned for more book launch events coming soon to a city near you, bookmark this page and check back for event dates!

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