Maple Ridge City Councillor Gordy Robson face-palms after Councillor Chelsa Meadus stands for freedom

Robson had chosen the council reports portion of the meeting to call out colleagues who 'may be supporting that type of action on social media' occurring from the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

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“All I can say is that I support freedom, and the Charter of Rights.”

That was the short and sweet response that Maple Ridge B.C. City Councillor Chelsa Meadus gave after being caught off-guard by what she feels was a personal dig towards her by her colleague during a publicly-screened meeting.

City Councillor Gordy Robson, who describes the vastly peaceful protest in its third week of demonstrations at Parliament as the capital “being held hostage by a group that wants to impose their will” was so taken aback by Councillor Meadus’ pro-freedom response that he reacted by plopping his face in his palm.

Robson had chosen the council reports portion of the meeting to call out colleagues who “may be supporting that type of action on social media” occurring from the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. When I asked Meadus how she felt about Robson's comments during our interview, she said she felt “an instantaneous feeling of 'this is a message to shut up.'” I reached out to Robson, to allow him to add more to this report, but did not receive a response.

Meadus, like many other public servants and people of influence, including long-time favourite mainstream broadcaster Kid Carson, have made posts on social media that suggest the truckers who have been peacefully protesting to end COVID-19 mandates outside of Parliament should be heard.

Despite the majority of Canadians agreeing it's time for COVID-19 mandates to come to an end, and the Omicron variant proving to be  significantly less deadly, British Columbia has taken a more strict approach to living with the virus. In February the province's Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, announced that private health-care professionals, including doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, and chiropractors, will have to be double vaccinated for COVID-19 by March 24. And while some premiers are dropping their COVID-19 vaccine passports, and returning some normalcy to their citizens, Dr. Henry announced on Tuesday that she had no plans to drop B.C.’s vaccine passport.

The decision to keep the discriminatory passport in place is another blow to citizens like Leigh Eliason, a disabled mom from Maple Ridge, B.C., who is unable to receive a COVID-19 shot due to various health reasons. Eliason, who is part of the public both Meadus and Robson are elected to serve, has had to live segregated from her own fully vaccinated family members in many public spaces for the last five months due to the vaccine passport.

Eliason is one of the now over 20 plaintiffs we are helping legally fight the the vaccine passports and no jab, no pay policies that have made made them second-class citizens in Canada for far too long. To join that fight, please donate here to help cover the many legal expenses and lawyer fees involved so that those suffering like Eliason don’t have to pay a penny. All funds go to The Democracy Fund charity, who has hired the lawyers and is paying the fees, meaning you will get a return on your generosity during the applicable tax time.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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