Marc Morano: 'They're going after animal agriculture!'

Marc Morano of Climate Depot joins the show to break down the Irish government's proposal to sacrifice 300K cows for net zero climate goals.

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"Imagine my shock when I see the news out of Ireland that they are planning to cull, to kill, to euthanize hundreds of thousands of cattle for no reason other than cattle emit greenhouse gasses by that," said Ezra.

"When they chew and digest the grass, they eat, they burp and release some methane and apparently killing hundreds and thousands, hundreds of thousands of cattle in Ireland, which isn't even a speck in the world's emanations of greenhouse gasses."

Ezra added that if it's an idea in Ireland, you better believe it's an idea elsewhere.

Marc Morano of Climate Depot joins in on the conversation to discuss this topic further.

"Of course, they're doing this in the name of the climate, aren't they?" Ezra asked Morano.

Morano responded:

Yes, I mean, and it's not just the culling of cows, we're seeing it going after high yield agriculture.

We're seeing it go after particularly the climate compliance regulations going after the small time farmers.

But we just saw last week, France beginning their climate lockdowns, banning short haul flights.

At the same time, we're seeing Germany talking about massive meat restrictions down to one sausage a month.

I mean, this is since January, the acceleration of this agenda for us, the unwashed masses has nothing I've ever seen.

It's almost as if they think their time is limited and they're rushing all of this through almost all of it without any vote of democracy.

They're going after collapse of energy, food transportation and yes, free speech as well. If you dare to complain, it's immediate misinformation.

But the animal thing goes back to the net zero commitments.This has been on the table for decades.

Ezra explained that Rebel News covered the Dutch farmer rebellion.

"Like why would going after energy is insane energy, poverty. They want to jack up the price of energy. They want to get us off cheap, plentiful, clean energy and onto unreliable climate friendly energy. That's not friendly then like that's, it seems like madness to me," exclaimed Ezra.

"And that came to Canada, the war on nitrogen."

"Bill Gates stated goal in being America's single largest farmland owner is to make us all eat what he calls synthetic meat," said Morano.

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