Maritimes' Most Wanted: mask-exempt couple in N.B. treated like dangerous criminals

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The story of Nick DeAngelis and Britney Green has been over three months in the making. The couple, who live in Bathurst, New Brunswick, are mask exempt and disagree with the pandemic lockdown restrictions in their region, which have left them being treated like the Maritimes' Most Wanted.

It all started when Britney and Nick were at a grocery store in December with a third person, a friend named Dave. They weren’t wearing masks but they didn’t think anything of it until, according to them, their mask exemptions were not respected by the store, which called the cops. The couple was thrown to the ground and arrested, and Nick’s phone was confiscated. Britney said the trio was taken to the police station, held in cells for 12 hours and forced into N95 masks. They all ended up being charged with disturbing the peace, mischief and obstruction of an officer, and received mask tickets for good measure.

However, that’s not even close to where this story ends. A few weeks later, Nick and Britney and some friends went to an anti-lockdown protest. And who could blame them? If anyone has a reason to protest how citizens are being treated by the COVID cops, it’s people who spent 12 hours in cells for being mask exempt. That protest ended with Nick, Britney and a few of their friends being hauled off and arrested and criminally charged again. Britney and Nick were held for four days this time, some of which was spent in solitary confinement! Unbelievably, one of the conditions of their release was that they could not communicate with their anti-lockdown friends. The Crown prosecutor argued vigorously against Britney being released because she is, to hear the Crown tell it, a recidivist anti-lockdown offender. They were being treated like dangerous sex offenders, not peaceful lockdown critics.

Britney and Nick need a lot of help navigating all the charges and fines they have received, and it’s clear, the Crown prosecutor has it out for them. That’s why we have hired them a top notch criminal lawyer, Josh Halpern, who will fight for them in court at no cost to them. If you would like to donate to cover the legal costs to help people like Nick, Britney and the hundreds of others who Rebel News is helping fight their lockdown infractions in court, please donate at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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