National Citizen's Inquiry hears of harmful side effects couple faced after Covid-19 vaccination

During the National Citizen's Inquiry, Caroline Foucault testified about the side effects she and her spouse experienced following their Covid-19 vaccination.

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Caroline has always been convinced of the goodwill of governments and the mainstream media. During the pandemic, she and her spouse were following the government’s direction.

”I come from a generation that trusts governments. I have always trusted governments and the media. So, when Mr. Legault said that in order to regain our freedom, we had to get vaccinated twice, we had no questions. We were sure it would not put us in danger,” Caroline says.

In the fall of 2021, at age 46, she decided to get vaccinated, as did her spouse. This resulted in serious side effects. Menstruation very abundant and painful in Caroline, and myocarditis in her partner.

“I was sure he was going to die, but he was saved. He was hospitalized for a week. It took months for him to recover, and he still has chest pains to this day,” she says of her lover’s health.

When she realized the scale of censorship efforts, Caroline was worried about the future. She wants people to be aware of what is happening and remember that “government is supposed to be us. They are there for us, thanks to us.”

Visit and make a donation if you can to stand up against forced vaccinations.

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