Martial arts studio fighting for its life due to lockdown, landlord

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All Carey and Lesley Stone want to do is earn an honest living while teaching martial arts. That’s what they’ve been doing successfully at their midtown Toronto dojo, Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Centre, for several years now.

But like so many businesses, this enterprise received a debilitating karate chop to the spine thanks to the outbreak of the Wuhan virus last year. Because fitness facilities are now verboten thanks to the mistaken belief that such places are 'superspreader' venues, the Stones cannot conduct classes and therefore cannot make money.

That means they have fallen behind on their rent. And their landlord, who they claim is a multimillionaire, has run out of patience and is threatening to have the Stones evicted.

This is a huge problem, because Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Centre is not just the Stones’ business, but it’s also their home. Carey says if they are forced out — and the landlord is indeed threatening to do this in the days ahead — he and Lesley will be left homeless.

It is grossly unfair. The Stones are not in this predicament because they are lousy businesspeople; rather, it is all due to the government preventing them from opening up.

Reminder: absolutely nobody in government or the bureaucracy has lost a single day’s worth of pay, so please remind us how “we’re all in this together”?

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for the Stones. Their landlord has threatened to change the locks and to have law enforcement physically remove them if need be. For now, the Stones exist in a state of fear as they await further escalations by the landlord. Talk about a true COVID casualty, but not one you’ll be reading about any medical journal.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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