Mask exempt Creston, BC resident Paul Ignacik wins in Fight The Fines court case

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Although British Columbia saw less egregious attacks on the right for pro-freedom protesters to peacefully assemble than provinces like Ontario and Quebec, the province still had pockets where authorities took a more militant approach to stomping on such liberties.

One such area is the town of Creston.

Despite it’s small population, COVID restriction enforcement has been tough in Creston. Because of this enforcement, Rebel News partnered with The Democracy Fund to hire a top-notch lawyer to defend several Creston residents — including Michelle Deshaies, a mom of two who was fined and thrown in jail after shopping without a mask and peacefully protesting.

The good news? Thanks to all of you who donated at to cover the legal costs to defend these Canadians, we already reported on one win for Deshaies. In today’s report, I interview another Creston resident, a man named Paul Ignacik, who is another Fight the Fines client that scored a recent win in court.

Ignacik received two separate fines, one for shopping without a mask (despite claiming an exemption) and another for failing to disperse during a peaceful protest.

Calgary-based litigator Stephen Whitehead from Grey Wowk Spencer LLP took on Ignacik's case, and as you’ll hear in this report, travelled to Creston to help get the fines dropped for Ignacik and others on the same day in court.

I'd like to give a special thank you to everyone who has donated to to support the Canadians who have been treated like criminals for doing things like peacefully protesting or wanting to shop without being discriminated against.

Please continue to donate what you can here. There are still hundreds of ongoing cases across the country still in the process of being fought by excellent lawyers working on behalf of The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity. Donations made to are eligible for tax receipts.

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