WATCH: Media continues to IGNORE heartbreaking vax stories

A bereaved widow and her fellow activists are voicing concerns about vaccine-related injuries and deaths, in a campaign that has gained momentum across Australia.

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Amber Drake lost her husband in December 2021, just two years after they wed. The couple had shared eight and a half years together.

Speaking with Rebel News, Amber shared that her husband decided to get vaccinated due to advice from his cardiologist and general practitioner.

Given his heart condition and Amber's asthma, the couple was anxious about the potential impact of COVID-19.

Amber recently joined a group of activists outside Seven Network's Melbourne studio in Docklands, where hundreds of placards commemorating victims of vaccine injuries and deaths have been erected.

This movement, dubbed the "Forest of the Fallen," was initiated by a Tasmanian woman in 2021.

The initiative began modestly, with 25 to 50 placards in local parks. Since then, it has grown exponentially as more people report vaccine-related injuries or deaths within their families.

And the campaign's momentum is not slowing down.

"It's now going right around Australia," Amber said.

She has become a staunch advocate for the cause, spurred by her personal loss.

She firmly believes her husband's death was vaccine-induced, despite the lack of official acknowledgment.

With thousands of similar cases surfacing, Amber feels it's impossible to ignore the potential risks associated with the vaccine any longer.

Her hope is to see the vaccine pulled from the market.

Donna Lewis, another activist involved with the cause, has noted a shift in public sentiment. Initially, the group faced opposition. Now, people approach them, some crying, others seeking solace.

Donna strives to provide a safe space for people to share their stories without judgment.

The placards – numbering between 550 and 600 – each tell a story. While some represent deaths, the majority depict injuries ranging from myocarditis and pericarditis to severe neurological disabilities.

According to Amber, some victims can no longer walk or work, effectively marking the end of their lives as they knew them.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has received more than 900 reports of deaths from the vaccine. Amber argues that this figure is far too high to be dismissed, equating it to a large-scale disaster. The TGA however maintains that it has identified just 14 events from those reported where the cause of death was linked to vaccination at the time of this report. 

She criticises the media, particularly Channel Seven, for continuing to promote the vaccine despite these reported fatalities.

Amber and her fellow activists chose to stage their demonstration outside Seven's studios to protest the network's coverage of vaccine-related injuries and deaths. She is frustrated that her story, like many others, is being ignored by mainstream media.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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