“Mental health” visit from mom to babysit triggered two COVID fines

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Today, we're introducing you to a young mother named Toni-lynn Hamill. She is the latest person we are helping through our largest civil liberties project ever, www.FightTheFines.com.

Our Fight the Fines program connects people who have received a lockdown ticket with criminal lawyers and litigators who will fight their fines in court at no cost to them. Rebel News crowdfunds to pay for their legal fees, and we are currently helping hundreds of people fight for civil liberties in this way.

Hamill is a single mom who struggles with mental health challenges, and those struggles have been made worse by the stresses of lockdown and isolation. Recently, she called her mom to come over to provide some support and watch the kids while she ran some errands. Unfortunately, because her mother doesn't live in the same household, Toni-lynn suspects that some busybody neighbour called the cops and turned her in for breaking lockdown restrictions on gathering with people outside of one's household.

Toni-lynn’s fine is petty and outrageous, and shouldn't happen to anyone, let alone somebody who relies on family for mental health support.

That's why we're helping Toni-lynn fight her lockdown ticket in court. If you'd like to help us help Toni-lynn and the hundreds of other people whose tickets we are fighting in a court of law, please donate today at www.FightTheFines.com.

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