Miami hosts a gun buyback program to send firearms to Ukraine

‘This is just a way for the government to take people's rifles away here in America,’ says a Miami bystander who claims this program is a ‘waste of money.’

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On Saturday June 18, the city of Miami hosted a gun buyback program where people could sell their firearms at Miami City Hall. The prices for each firearm depended on what type of gun it was. 

City Hall would pay $50.00 USD for a firearm, $100.00 USD for a shotgun or rifle, and $150.00 USD for a high-powered assault rifle (.223 Caliber, AR-15, AK-47). City Hall stated that the firearms that were sold to them would be sent to Ukraine to assist their troops in the ongoing conflict with Russia. 

Rebel News spoke with an individual who sold his firearm in the buyback program. When asked why he sold his gun, he stated that he sold his makeshift rifle since he builds his own firearms and had extra parts available to sell for some money. 

Rebel News also spoke to a Miami citizen who was on-scene, criticizing the police department for hosting the gun buyback program. 

"This is a waste of money. It is a waste of taxpayer resources." he told Rebel News. 

He also asked, "how are these old a** rifles going to benefit the Ukrainians when we know that they need heavy artillery, not some old a** piece of s**t rifles that people are giving away? This is just a way for the government to take people's rifles away here in America." 

Rebel News also spoke to Miami City commissioner Ken Russell, who said that they are not just sending firearms to Ukraine, but also vests and helmets.  

When asked about concerns of these supplies being sent to Ukraine alongside the federal $40 billion USD package, Russell responded with:

"We're trying to stand with Ukraine and help as much as possible, but obviously the federal government is dancing a line with how much they provoke or push against Russia. They don't want to escalate the situation, but they want to support an ally."

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