Milk River blockaders say they're united, peaceful and not giving up

See for yourselves the people who are standing up for freedom and against vaccine mandates in Southern Alberta.

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If you were to believe Justin Trudeau, many mainstream media outlets, and progressive activists on Twitter about the type of people comprising the freedom convoy in Ottawa and the folks protesting at Coutts and Milk River, Alberta you’d likely imagine the protest sites to be violent, dangerous, racist and ridden with all form of inequity. If you believed all those sources you’d also be completely out of touch with reality.

Rather than setting up cameras behind distant RCMP barricades or regurgitating bogus narratives, we opted to actually do some real journalism and get a firsthand account of the scene and the people at the Milk River RCMP blockade.

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You likely won’t be shocked to learn that we couldn’t find a single bad actor, and to be honest, we couldn’t even find someone littering. What we did find was a unified community of people taking care of each other, serving each other food, and giving freely of their time and resources to support each other unconditionally.

It didn’t matter if you had been there since day one, or if it was your first day, there was always a cup of coffee, a spot by the fire and a warm meal for anyone who showed up. No questions asked, regardless of age, gender, or race.

Rather than vilify these people, or mischaracterize them as so many have done, we simply talked to them. See for yourselves the type of people who are standing up for freedom and against vaccine mandates in Southern Alberta.

Hundreds of tickets have been issued to the truckers and protesters in Coutts and Milk River. We have agreed to crowdfund their legal defence at

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