Miss Understood No. 38 — Don't Normalize The Bulge

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In Episode No. 38 of Miss Understood, we weigh in on the accusations against Taylor Swift for being “fatphobic” in the music video for her hit new single Anti-Hero.

In a now-deleted section of the video, Swift stands on a scale and sees the message “fat.” Although the song is representative of Taylor’s personal struggles with an eating disorder, the mob came after her for being afraid of getting fat.

So, we offer our take on the mob’s attempt at minimizing her lived experience and question if the body positivity movement is a scam created by hot women to eliminate competition for high-quality men.

We also react to Disney’s introduction of its first-ever plus-sized ballerina heroine and offer some tips to ditch a toxic body image mindset — throw out your mirrors and scales, ladies!

We then tackle Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s divorce and address the ways we feel he may have fumbled in their marriage in his pursuit of maintaining G.O.A.T status in the football world.

Do you think masculinity is toxic? We don’t unless it involves too much soy or biological males encroaching on female spaces. So, we discuss transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney and their creepy attempt to ‘normalize the bulge’ despite identifying as a woman and question if Caitlyn Jenner is part of the problem in the trans movement.

Finally, we react to a frightening new video game created by a trans programmer about slaughtering ‘gender fascists’ — also known as anyone critical of gender ideology.

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