Montreal anti-curfew protest devolves into riot

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On Sunday, Quebec’s new and not-so-improved curfew kicked in. You may recall that curfew in La Belle Province used to be 8 p.m. Then, a few weeks ago, it was extended to 9:30 p.m. And now it’s back to 8 p.m.

Why? Who knows? And how dare you ask for a valid answer!

So it was that several hundred (mostly young) people showed up to take part in a freedom demonstration near the port lands of Montreal and at some parks. Chants of “Liberté! Liberté!” filled the air.

Alas, it wasn’t long before the heavily-armed riot squad of the Montreal Police Service showed up to quell the festivities, because unlike yesteryear, Montreal — which is usually home to the Just For Laughs comedy festival — is now a No Fun Zone. And the riot squad made certain to disperse the demonstrators.

Another black mark on the evening was a small faction of demonstrators — who may have been rank and file members of the Black Bloc — smashing the windows of small businesses. Fires also erupted in the streets. That was an absolute disgrace; small businesses are among the biggest victims of the crackpot COVID crackdowns — why further penalize mom-and-pop shops barely hanging on?

But the vast majority of protesters were indeed peaceful. And all they want to do is live their lives freely. Too bad their political masters have other ideas…

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  • By Rebel News

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